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Since 2006, has been the leading provider of starting goalie confirmations and team line combinations data. In addition to the annual Fantasy Hockey Draft Kit, the site also provides users with a one-of-a-kind iPhone App. Other tools at the site include the Roster Maximizer Tool, Line Production Tool, Line Matching Tool, Weekly Schedule Tool, and a near real-time Player News Feed. Together, these tools combine to form the Fantasy Hockey Intelligence you'll use to win your leagues.

Founded in September of 2006, has grown to a team of five people dedicated to providing you with the most accurate, most complete, and most timely data for your fantasy hockey needs. Meet the team below!

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The full power of the world's only fantasy hockey App can be at your fingertips in under 10 seconds.

  • Fast, personalized and easy to use
  • Starting goalies
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  • News and more...


Join us weekly as we provide fantasy hockey lineup advice, injury updates, and statistical insight all designed to help you on your quest for another fantasy hockey championship.

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