2017-2018 Fantasy Hockey Draft Kit

August 08, 2017


Fantasy hockey draft kits are currently on sale for the 2017-2018 season. If you act now, you'll get three draft kits for the price of one.

What Do You Get?

The Draft Kit: 400+ page guide with fantasy hockey research and advice including (but not limited to the following topics): usage of SH% and PKSV% to find draft day steals, projection of a goalie's save percentage, repeatability of fantasy hockey stats, goal scoring trends in the NHL, multi-category phenoms, NHL schedule analysis, extensive injury data and analysis, rookies, player usage charts, advanced stats, player movement, projected line combinations, and much more!

The Spreadsheets: Customized and sortable spreadsheets for both skaters and goalies. These spreadsheets include a wealth of statistical information including accurate projections for over 600 NHL players in more than 20 statistical categories. You enter your scoring system and our team creates a set of player rankings tailored to your needs. One size does not fit all when it comes to player rankings.

Click the image to view some sample pages from an older draft kit:

Why Do You Need It?

Save Time: Maybe you're an experienced fantasy hockey manager but simply don't have the time to research 31 NHL teams, 600+ NHL players and create spreadsheets customized to your scoring system. This kind of effort takes a lot of time, especially if you're multiple leagues. Why not let our team do the work for you? Left Wing Lock has over 10 years of experience serving fantasy hockey managers. We won't let you down.

Save Money: We offer three customized draft kits for the price of one. You won't find a deal anywhere like this one. We offer the most comprehensive draft kit on the market for the lowest price on the market.

Save Face: Maybe you're new to fantasy hockey and don't want to get taken advantage of by your friends or office mates. You can be sure you'll be the most prepared manager on draft day with a Left Wing Lock Fantasy Hockey Draft Kit.

How Do You Get It?

This part is simple. Visit our draft kit page, select the kit you want, and click order now. You're done.

When Do You Get It?

Our team has been working on the 2017-2018 draft kits since January. The draft kit was released on Saturday, August 5 and we continue to update the draft kit on a nearly daily basis until the season begins. These updates are available for download at no extra cost to you. Your draft kit will always have the most up-to-date information available to our team.

Final Thoughts

For over 10 years, you've trusted Left Wing Lock as a reliable source to bring you accurate starting goalie information, line combinations, and player news alerts. That same passion and dedication fuels us as we create what we believe are the best fantasy hockey draft kits available. We invite you to let us build your customized fantasy hockey draft kit for the 2017-2018 season. Order your kit today!