Finding Value at the Right Wing Position: 2017-2018

September 19, 2017


In part two of a five-part series on finding value in your fantasy hockey draft, today's article will focus on right wings (read Part I on left wings here). Specifically, we're interested in using the Yahoo average draft position (ADP) to not only determine the best players to target in your fantasy hockey draft, but also when to target them. The assumptions made in this article include the following: (1) you're in a Yahoo standard league, (2) your league has 12 managers, and (3) your league is not a keeper league.

Manager Behavior

Before we jump into the details of which right wings are undervalued, it's important to get a handle on how managers are behaving in their fantasy hockey drafts so far. In the image below, you'll see exactly how many right wings are drafted in each round of a standard draft (on average). At the right wing position, three players are coming off the board in the first round (Patrick Kane, Vladimir Tarasenko, and Nikita Kucherov). Unlike the other roster positions, managers continue taking right wings at a steady pace throughout the draft. There is no "run" on right wings that you need to be prepared for in advance. We can use this information to better understand who and when to take when our name is called during the draft.

Player Rankings and ADP

At, we create annual fantasy hockey draft kits in which we marry your scoring settings with our projections to generate customized player rankings. For the purpose of this article, we generated the customized player rankings for NHL players that can be drafted as right wings in the Yahoo fantasy hockey system. We then compare these player rankings to the player's ADP to determine which players are undervalued. That is, we're looking for players that our draft system has ranked highly and whom managers are overlooking.

Below, you'll find a table of 15 players who are eligible at right wing and are being undervalued by managers in fantasy drafts (there are many more listed in our draft kit). Detailed comments for some of these players can be found below the table.

Finding Values at Right Wing
Nikita KucherovTBLRW19.8
Tyler SeguinDALC,RW521.7
Joe PavelskiSJSC,RW1631.8
Mitchell MarnerTORC,RW2433.4
David PastrnakBOSRW942.2
Wayne SimmondsPHIRW2242.7
Alexander RadulovDALRW3087.4
Jakub VoracekPHIRW2390.5
Jonathan DrouinMTLLW,RW4192.5
Sebastian AhoCARLW,RW4993.1
Mark StoneOTTRW70110.4
Jason SpezzaDALC,RW46116.5
Kyle PalmieriNJDRW54137.5
Nino NiederreiterMINLW,RW47138.9
Kyle OkposoBUFRW39169.9
  • Nikita Kucherov - He finished last season second overall in goals and third overall in power play points. He was a top-20 shot generator and assist generator. He does everything you need him to do in standard leagues (outside of penalty minutes). He's spent most of the 2017-2018 training camp lined up alongside a healthy Steven Stamkos. His ADP currently has him being taken late in the first round, though it would be hard to pass him up at any point before then. The only concern for Kucherov is that he made our list of players most likely to see a double-digit drop in +/- for the upcoming season. Even with that anticipated drop, he may end up as a plus player in 2017-2018.
  • Wayne Simmonds - If you're looking for a player who can post 50 points, 200+ shots on goal, and 100+ penalty minutes, Wayne Simmonds is your man. Simmonds is typically gone by the middle of the fourth round but we have his value to your fantasy team pegged a bit higher. We expect him to see a double-digit gain in +/- this season. He's missed two days of training camp now with no announcement so keep an eye on that situation heading into your drafts.
  • Alexander Radulov - After a single year in Montreal, Radulov signed a free agent contract with the Dallas Stars. While he won't dominate any single category, he'll produce strongly across the board in these standard leagues. He's largely being ignored until the eighth round in most leagues, so he should be easy to land on draft day.
  • Jonathan Drouin - Waiting eights rounds to Drouin would be a big mistake on draft day. Almost everything is looking up for Drouin in the coming season: he'll play with better linemates than he's ever had before; he'll see more ice time per game than he's ever seen before; and, there is a reasonable expectation that he'll be assigned the elusive triple-listing of C,LW,RW in your league given that Montreal plans to use him as a center this season. For you managers that use face-offs as a fantasy category, Drouin is one of those few valuable players that you can roster as a wing and collect face-off stats.

Customized Player Rankings

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