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Fantasy Hockey Draft Kit


  • Stephan

    I finished 1st in the regular season portion of all 4 leagues - I didn't even think that was possible! Thank you and keep it up!

  • TPinz

    I went a combined 56-9, won two titles and lost in the championship in the other. So yeah, I'll use it again.

  • bog

    First of all, great draft kit. As an engineer and math nerd this is by far the best analysis I've seen applied to the world of fantasy hockey--keep up the good work.

  • xero

    I bought the kit and won back-to-back money league championships. Turned my 2x$10 investment into $600.

  • Jelly

    The team I drafted with these rankings had a 22-1 season followed by a championship victory.

  • OrrDigger

    I came out of the draft with everyone saying I was gonna be dead last and talking a lot of smack. I'm in first, sitting on a bye week going into the playoffs. Can't thank you guys enough.

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