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Roster Maximizer

Avoid schedule conflicts in fantasy hockey to maximize your games played


When you roster players on your fantasy hockey team that play on the same night, you end up with scheduling conflicts that reduce the overall number of starts from your roster. This roster maximizer tool provides you with schedule conflict information that you can use to make decisions while you draft, choose keepers, pick up free agents, and make trades.

Imagine that you are allowed to start two centers each night on your roster. You've already drafted/owned Claude Giroux (PHI) and Patrice Bergeron (BOS). You are interested in drafting/adding a 3rd center and you want to minimize the number of schedule conflicts (that is, nights where your players play on the same night). You would enter "2" for the allowed starts at positions and then enter a "2" for the players owned at that position. Select the two teams that correspond to your roster players (PHI, BOS). Performing the action with a time range spanning the entire season would inform you that a center from Arizona offers you the greatest number of starts (least number of conflicts) at 60.

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