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Common Questions & Answers

Can you explain how your goalie confirmations work?

A goalie can exist in one of three states at our website:

  • Confirmed - we have either a team or media source (usually more than one) stating the goalie is starting.
  • Not Confirmed (with link) - we have a source indicating that the goalie is probably starting.
  • Not Confirmed (no link) - we have no reliable information indicating the starting goalie.
What are those colorful meters on the starting goalies page?

This is the sit-or-start meter. It is a statistical meter indicating whether or not this particular goalie is likely to put up good stats for the current game. The higher the number, the better the odds that the goalie posts solid numbers.

If you cannot see these meters (a common problem for older versions of Internet Explorer), then you need to upgrade to a more modern browser.

Can you explain how your line combo tool works?

We use 'in-game' NHL data to determine which players are on the same lines during actual NHL games. We compute the frequency at which these players play together and then sort the lines according to frequency. Lines change often during games, particularly if players are struggling, injured, or in the penalty box. Our line combination tool accounts for all of these events. Line combinations are updated nightly.

Simple depth charts are basically useless in fantasy hockey and we do not post them. But we do post "Game Day" lineups which include the latest information from practices, morning skates, and warm-ups.

How do I become a writer for Left Wing Lock, Inc.?

If you are interested in contributing some articles at the site, please pitch your idea to our staff. Note that we do not currently have any paid positions available.

Something doesn't look right in my web browser.

This is what a sample page should look like: Goalies Page Image

We don't take sides in browser wars here at Left Wing Lock; use what you like! But, keep in mind that we cannot support old versions of browsers and the true functionality of the site might be compromised if you choose to live in the past. Site functionality has been tested on all major, modern browsers. If you have a particular issue, please contact us about it and be sure to include your operating system and browser. If you're using anything lower than IE 9 (which has been available for three years now), there is almost nothing we can do for you short of suggesting changing your browser.

Internet Explorer users should consider toggling ON/OFF the compatibility mode if the site does not look right in your browser.

I ordered a product and never received an email from Left Wing Lock, Inc.

Emails are sent to all clients immediately after purchase. 99.9% of the time that a user doesn't see an email, it is because it ended up in their spam folder. Please check your spam/bulk mail folders particularly if you are using the Hotmail email service. Failing that, please contact our staff with your concern.

Must I know my scoring settings before ordering a Fantasy Hockey Draft Kit?

No. Most clients do not know their final scoring settings until later in the Summer. Order the draft kit early to lock in the low sales price and then we'll contact you later this Summer to get your scoring system details.

When will I get my 2017-2018 Fantasy Hockey Draft Kit?

We are accepting orders now - lock in the low sale price before it goes up! The first version of the draft kits is typically available during the first week of August. We will contact all clients by email to let them know when draft kits are officially ready.

I purchased the email alerts. How do I set my alert preferences?

Visit the Email Alerts page and login using the panel on the right sidebar.

I own the iPhone App and would like to report an issue.

We welcome all feedback regarding the iPhone App. We encourage you to launch the App, click on the About tab and read the FAQ. If your question is not answered in the FAQ, then make sure push notifications are turned on and send us email from within the iPhone App. This will send us data that is necessary as we troubleshoot your issue.

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