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Draft Assistant

September 17, 2018   Left Wing Lock Staff   3 Comments


The answer to a single question about fantasy hockey can set you on the right path for victory this year. That question is: Which situation is a better result for you in fantasy hockey: you outscore your opponent by 37 goals or you outscore your opponent by 14 goals?

One of the bigger mistakes you can make as a fantasy hockey manager is to overdraft. Overdrafting occurs when you select players that lead to your team having too many goals or too many hits or too many blocked shots. You might ask: if the goal of fantasy hockey is to accumulate as many of these stats as possible, how can overdrafting be considered a bad thing?

It turns out that the goal of fantasy hockey is not to accumulate as many stats as possible. Instead, your goal is to accumulate more stats than your opponents. The difference is subtle but very important. The problem with over-drafting in a particular category (for example, goals) is that it leaves you vulnerable in other statistical categories such as hits or blocked shots.

Building a Roster With the Draft Assistant

Let's go back to the opening question of this video: Which situation is a better result for you in fantasy hockey: you outscore your opponent by 37 goals or you outscore your opponent by 14 goals? Both outcomes provide you with a win in the goals category, but if you're outscoring your opponent by 37 goals, it's very likely that you over-drafted in the goal category and you're likely losing some of your peripheral categories as a result.

The key to building a winning team in category style fantasy hockey leagues is to build a balanced roster. To do this, we've created a tool called the Draft Assistant. This tool (which comes as a standard part of our annual fantasy hockey draft kit) will track the contributions of each player you draft in every statistical category for your league. And it does it in real-time. The tool is lightning fast and easy to use. Let's try it out.

Imagine that your fantasy hockey draft is about to start. You'll enter the number of teams in your league and the number of the pick you have in the first round. The Draft Assistant will immediately auto-populate all of your draft pick numbers into the spreadsheet. That's all you have to do in advance of the draft. Once the draft begins, the tool is a breeze. The key is that you'll use this tool in conjunction with your Left Wing Lock Fantasy Hockey Draft Kit. You're on the clock for your first pick now. Let's say you take the 4th ranked played on the Left Wing Lock ranking spreadsheet. All you need to do is type the number 4 in for your first pick and the Draft Assistant will do all of the work!

We'll continue this in each round. Let's take the 17th ranked player in the 2nd round. You'll notice that the Draft Assistant is auto-populating all of the columns for the categories that you use in your league. These values that get auto-populated use two pieces of data as inputs:

1. The award-winning fantasy hockey projections from Left Wing Lock.


2. The specific mathematical weights of each category in your league's scoring system. We've learned from analyzing tens of thousands of leagues that the categories should not be treated equally.

As we enter more and more picks, the Draft Assistant is constantly re-calculating the sums in each category. The simplicity of the Draft Assistant is that we've scaled the system so that a score of 100 in each category should put you on the correct pace to finish at the top of your league.

If you're interested in using the Draft Assistant in your fantasy hockey drafts this season, download our Fantasy Hockey Draft Kit today!

Get Your Draft Kit Today

If you're looking for a chance to draft players with great projections that are being ignored by the other fantasy hockey websites, then consider downloading one of our fantasy hockey draft kits this season. You won't be disappointed. We'll use your scoring system to craft customized player projections and rankings so that you can dominate your fantasy hockey draft.

For 12 years, you've trusted Left Wing Lock as a reliable source to bring you accurate starting goalie information, line combinations, and player news alerts. That same passion and dedication fuels us as we create what we believe are the best fantasy hockey draft kits available. We invite you to let us build your customized fantasy hockey draft kit for the 2018-2019 season. Order your kit today!

Comments (3)

  • October 6, 2023 9:28 pm

    I watched the video on how to use the FSI tab and it says you want to get to 100 in the Total. We have 12 teams and 18 rounds, I drafted 3 goalies and 15 players, and my totals are 174, 206.3, 208.2 and so on. I don't understand if I am doing this correctly, and if I am aiming for 100 total in each category to balance my team, how am I achieving totals over 200?

  • October 6, 2023 9:55 pm

    @joedavola Thanks for your question. The goal of 100 in each category works under a few assumptions: (1) 12-team league, (2) six forward positions and four defensemen, and (3) only the players in the starting slots count toward the 100. We have calculated other totals that fit for different situations. I can share those with you as well.

  • October 6, 2023 11:19 pm

    Hey Mike - Can you share those with me also ? I'm in a 12 team league: 6 forwards, 4 D, 2 Util, 2 Goalie and 4 bench spots (18 roster spots total). I ran into the same issue Joe called out with a number of cats coming in above 100 when I did this last year.

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