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Fantasy Hockey Hacks

The official podcast of Left Wing Lock

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Fantasy Hockey Hacks Podcast

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A member of The Hockey Podcast Network (THPN) and the official podcast of Left Wing Lock. Tune in weekly for up-to-date discussions on fantasy hockey, news & injury reports, waiver wire recommendations, daily fantasy sports, draft strategies, and all things hockey related!

Devon Davidson


Founder of the show, he keeps the gang focused each week.

Founder, Co-host
Bruce Guenther


Never too high, never too low; Bruce is as steady as they come. Creater of the ish.

John Ens


No matter what, it is Mike Smith's fault. Creater of John's List - listen in to find out who is on it this week!

Tyler Hollman


Chimes in at just the right moment to deliver the facts with no fuss. His food creations will blow your mind.


Listeners love the show

I'm a big fan of Left Wing Lock, for sure; definitely one of my "go to" sources for lineup information. I really like the work you guys do!

— Pete Jensen (NHL.com)

Best hockey podcast around for FH. Fun group of guys that will do their best to set you up for success on a weekly basis. So glad I found these guys!

— Sasha Lagarde

Was a long time follower of LWL and happy to hear that Mike from LWL has teamed up with the Fantasy Hockey Hacks guys! Together they are a great listen. They aren't try-hards. Some hockey podcasters come across this way but these guys aren't like that. They are knowledgeable and fun. They cover everything from the NHL week and go deeper with the metrics. Try them out!

— Ryan S.

Great content! Fantasy hockey can be super frustrating, but the hacks keep it informative and fun to listen to. These guys provide all the updates and offer great insight into the trends and waiver wire pickups to you ready for the week. Good value. It's a must listen on Mondays!

— Heather N.

The pod is a fantasy geeks morning coffee and a lefty. Gets the hot takes and the cold streaks. Gives you up to date injuries, COVID details, player updates, and more. Lots of fun segments and chats keep the show rolling. Newest addition with Left Wing Lock is an A+ add with extra insight from shooting percentages, save percentages, and more. You want your quick info instead of watching Sportsnet all day, come check this out every Monday!

— Jordan S.

If you consider yourself an active manager making trades and picking up guys often, then you'll enjoy this podcast. I like the trade evaluations and waiver wire picks. I've been doing well this year with the help of this podcast! I'm playing in a 10-man points/goalie dominate league so the FA has some quality if you play it right during the week. I wouldn't have picked up the guys I did, when I did, without the help of this podcast. Thank you FHH!

— Wyatt L.

Added this show to my fantasy hockey podcast rotation this year and have been really enjoying it so far. A great mix of news, waiver wire, scheduling suggestions, and analysis. They also have an excellent social media presence that provides additional insight.

— Jass F.

Show Details

Listen weekly to win your league.

John's List

Co-host John Ens targets one player or topic each week to make his $h!% list.

Headlines w/ the Hacks

Get all the latest fantasy hockey news, trends, and injury updates from around the NHL.

Ask the Hacks

Our weekly mailbag segment. Send the Hacks your questions every week and get entered to win a 1-year subscription to the Left Wing Lock iPhone app!

Edge Work

The segment where, "we do the work, to give you the edge in your fantasy hockey leagues!" The Hacks cover the schedule and must-have waiver wire picks for each week.
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Fact or Fiction

This monthly segment features Mike from Left Wing Lock, who provides analysis on the latest player trends - sustainable (fact) or not (fiction)?

Weekly Rankings

A new segment for the upcoming season, the Hacks will provide weekly player rankings, powered by Left Wing Lock!

DFS Content

The Hacks regularly discuss DFS trends and lineup options on the podcast.

Special Guests

The Hacks try to consistently bring on fantasy hockey experts to provide their perspective on the fantasy hockey landscape.

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