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Pluck Chart

Possession and luck charts for the NHL.


Pluck Charts combine possession and luck data for NHL teams into one easy-to-read chart.

NHL Possession and Luck Chart
This chart was last updated on November 27, 2021.


Bubble Horizontal Position
The x-axis measures puck possession and uses USAT% as the metric. USAT% is computed by finding what fraction of all unblocked shot attempts in games were generated by the team in question. A USAT% value greater than 50% suggests that a team is consistently outshooting their opponents.

Bubble Vertical Position
The y-axis measures luck at even-strength hockey and uses SHSV% as the metric. SHSV% is computed by using a team's even-strength shooting percentage and adding it to the team's even-strength save percentage (multiplied by 1000). Teams with values that stray significantly from 1000 are having their results influenced by luck.

Bubble Size
The size of each bubble measures the even-strength shooting percentage of a team. The league average value is 8.3%.

Bubble Color
The color of each bubble measures the even-strength save percentage of a team. The league average value is 0.917.

Dashed White Line
Historically, teams above the dashed white line are the most likely to qualify for the playoffs.