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A Few Stats to Know

November 12, 2021   Left Wing Lock Staff   0 Comments


We will often reference the same statistics in articles here at Left Wing Lock. Rather then starting each article by defining these stats, it seems a good idea to put these definitions in a single location that we can link to from each article. This is that place.

Individual Points Percentage

Take all of the even-strength goals scored by a team with Player X on the ice and label that total G. Take all of the points (goals or assists) awarded to Player X on those even-strength goals and label that total P. The individual points percentage (IPP) is then calculated as 100*(P/G). The average IPP value for forwards is 70%. The average IPP value for defensemen is 30%.


The tEVSH% is the team's shooting percentage at even-strength with Player X on the ice. Put another way, of all the even-strength shots on goal generated by a team with Player X on the ice, what percentage of those shots end up in the net? It turns out, that the league average for tEVSH% is approximately 8.5%.

Secondary Assist Rate

There can be 0, 1, or 2 assists awarded on an NHL goal (the average number of assists per goal in the NHL is approximately 1.7). The player who last touches the puck prior to the goal scorer is awarded the primary assist. A secondary assist may be awarded to the player who last touched the puck prior to the player who was awarded the primary assist. The secondary assist rate (a260) is the number of secondary assists awarded to a player per 60 minutes at even-strength.

Offensive Zone Starts

If you take the number of even-strength shifts that a player starts in the offensive zone and divide that by the total number of even-strength shifts that the player started in the offensive or defensive zones combined (then, for convenience, multiply the final answer by 100), you arrive at the offensive zone start percentage (OZS%).

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